GenMax III – Load Balancing


GenMax Sample Controller (cabinet door opened)

The GenMax Load Balancing model continually monitors the generator’s current adjusting the home’s or building’s circuits to allow maximum usage of the generator power while balancing the loads on each phase of the generator.

If the total load exceeds allowable generator power during a power outage or blackout, the GenMax automatically begins shedding circuits on the overloaded phase, without user intervention.   The GenMax restores circuits as the loads decrease.

The GenMax can be programmed with a priority order of circuits that turn on during a power outage or blackout.  If there is sufficient generator power available from the generator then all the circuits will turn on.  Customize the priority and with your User Access Terminal force circuits ON and OFF.

Add the GenMax and put as many circuits as you want into your subpanel.


Product Summary:
Load Shedding Controller (Load Balancing)
9 outputs to connect to a local relay panel + communications to connect to remote panels
Expansion capable to add additional circuits

Load Balancing on each phase of the generator provides maximum usage of generator power without overload
User Access Terminal provides flexibility to turn ON/OFF circuits when needed
Options available for additional circuits
Connect to remote panels up to 1000ft.