GenMax-Enclosure-no-wires-4GenMax III Load Balancing

Load balancing on each phase of the generator for maximum generator efficiency.  Includes the GenMax controller base unit with 9 load shed outputs, two (2) current sensors & current sensor inputs.





Local-Relay-Panel-CleanedLocal Load Shed Panel

Local panel for controlling loads near main controller cabinet, includes single-pole 20 amp relays and 2-pole 30-40-50-etc. amp relays.  Custom configurations available.





Remote Load Shed Panel

Remote panel for controlling loads remotely next to the circuit panels, in attics, basements, etc. includes single-pole 20 amp relays, 2-pole 30-40-50-etc. amp relays, and communications module.





xp10_bimgUser Access Terminal

Graphical user interface, a self contained unit that offers visualization of generator output, status of circuits, easy ON/Off forcing of loads, access to transfer, run and fault histories and GenMax settings.