Maximize Your GeneratorGenMax Enclosure Small with Text copy

Let a Smaller Generator Power More of Your Circuits

  • Smaller generator because the GenMax controls the power demand for you by monitoring the generator output and automatically shedding and restoring loads keeping the generator at maximum allowable output without overload.
  • More circuits connected means with the GenMax you can put more circuits into your subpanel or put your whole-house or building on your generator and let the automatic control manage what turns ON during a power outage.

Backup Generator Load Shedding Controller

  • The GenMax turns your circuits ON and OFF to prevent the generator from overloading, while keeping it at maximum allowable output. The GenMax does this based on a priority order that is pre-programmed into the system. Add on the GenMax User Access Terminal and have the flexibility to force circuits ON and OFF whenever you want.
  • Designed with high performance and quality in mind the GenMax with a micro-processor base manages the automatic load shedding and restoration and allows your home or building to not skip a beat during a power outage or blackout.

xp10_bimgUser Access Terminal (UAT)

  • Your UAT provides you with the flexibility to turn circuits ON/OFF when the need arises.
  • The UAT’s graphical display shows your generator’s output and its user friendly intuitive interface makes it easy for you to take control of your circuits.